GNoH Review: Alive (2023)

Written and Directed by David Marantz

Helen navigates a ravaged world with her boyfriend Kevin and her little brother Barney. Desperate to find help after Barney’s infection slowly turns him into a zombie, they come upon a house where lives Dan, a man harboring a heavy secret. (IMDB)

ALIVE is a decent, low-budget Zombie horror that might be a bit rough around edges, but which showcases the talents of those involved and I look forward to what Marantz and the team come up with next.

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Franchise Review: Resident Evil (2002)

Written and Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson

I remember looking forward to this film a lot while waiting for it’s release. Resident Evil was a phenomena on the Playstation 1 (yep, kids there was actually a PS1!) and I have a lot of fond memories of playing the game with my housemates at the time. A favourite was coming home one night after a late shift, knowing my mate was playing and bursting in through the open window (it was summer) while making Zombie noises. Oh how he laughed…

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