Resident Evil Franchise

Something I have been meaning to do for a while is revisit the Resident Evil Movie franchise. Actually I have also been thinking about revisiting the game franchise, but that is a much bigger committment, so that might take a bit longer to get to.

And when I say ‘revisit’ I kind of mean ‘visit’ in most cases as I haven’t actually watched all the films in the series. I saw the first one many years ago and have seen a couple of the others (although I can’t quite remember which ones) and many snippets while channel surfing. So I thought it was probably time to watch them all through in order and get caught up on the events around Racoon City before I move on to Welcome to Racoon City and the upcoming TV series.

So grab some green herbs and join me on the sofa for this box of delights as I watch all 6 films over the next few weeks.

There will probably be a few spoilers along the way.

Obviously, first up, is Resident Evil (2002). Enjoy the trailer below and some of my thoughts HERE.

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