Short Stories

I am always happy to discuss my work, so please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, thoughts or requests for more info on any of my work.


Can Archie protect his little sister from the monsers lurking in the tunnel on the way to Grandma’s house? (Full Text)

Published in Twisted 50 Volume 2


A short, gothic, yuletide tale of demons from Christmas pass as they come to claim a present long promised. (Full Text)

Published in Twisted: Ghosts of Christmas

After Life

After a terrible accident leaves Lucia stuck between life and the after life, can she sort out her unfinished busines and earn her place in Heaven? (extract)

Originally published in Terror Bites


Randy’s worst nightmare comes true as the bugs he is paid to exterminate fight back. (Full Text)

Originally published in Terror Bites

Everything Must Go

3 steps to Heaven? or Hell? (extract)

Originally published in Terror Bites

Teething Trouble

A secret military research project goes wrong… very wrong. (extract)

Originally published in Terror Bites

Apple of My Eye

Arthur’s marriage comes to an abrupt end, but is he really sure she is dead? (extract)

Originally published in Terror Bites

Cold Comfort

A romantic winter getaway is all well and good, until you discover you are sharing it with a monster. (extract)

Currently unpublished


A new form of domestic help is a vision of the future, but does it have an ulterior motive? (extract)

Currently unpublished