GNoH Review: Slapface (2021)

A boy deals with the loss of his mother by creating a dangerous relationship with a monster rumored to live in the woods. (IMDB)

If you want gore and intense, scary scenes then this isn’t for you, but if you fancy something a little more psychological, which doesn’t hold your hand through all the plot turns, then I think you will enjoy Slapface. The plot is not overly original and, while you can see most of the twists and turns coming, the set-ups and ending still leave you with some questions about what was real and what might just be supernatural.

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GNoH Review: The Dare (2019)

A rare family night for Jay takes a brutal twist when he awakens in a basement with three other prisoners. As their vengeful captor runs riot, Jay engages in a twisted battle to solve the puzzle to his past and save his family’s future. IMDB

While The Dare doesn’t offer anything drastically new, it is a great effort and, if you enjoy this type of horror, then it’s worth a watch in my eyes… actually, no, leave my eyes out of this…

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GNoH Review: The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe (2021) by Gavin Gardiner

Crighton Smythe could see how everyone was going to die – except himself. A social outcast who relied on his mother to keep him, Crighton had to use his ‘knack’ to his advantage when Mrs Smythe took ill and financial pressures began to mount. But as his visions started to increase in intensity, and his hatred of the city around him began pushing him to his limit, he found himself wondering how much more he could take.

Then he died.

In his own words, let Crighton Smythe tell you the story of how he perished. Where is he now?

Discover for yourself.

‘it’s the journey, not the destination,’ and Gardiner takes us on a short but crazy journey into a troubled mind, giving us a glorious glimpse into the disturbing world of Crighton Smythe.

Join us, if you dare!

But bring your own butter.

Available to buy on Amazon

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