Quick Review: The Shadow Glass (2022)

By Josh Winning

ISBN-10 – 1789098610
ISBN-13 – 1789098617
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Jack Corman is failing at life.
Jobless, jaded and on the “wrong” side of thirty, he’s facing the threat of eviction from his London flat while reeling from the sudden death of his father, one-time film director Bob Corman. Back in the eighties, Bob poured his heart and soul into the creation of his 1986 puppet fantasy The Shadow Glass, a film Jack loved as a child, idolising its fox-like hero Dune.
But The Shadow Glass flopped on release, deemed too scary for kids and too weird for adults, and Bob became a laughing stock, losing himself to booze and self-pity. Now, the film represents everything Jack hated about his father, and he lives with the fear that he’ll end up a failure just like him.
In the wake of Bob’s death, Jack returns to his decaying home, a place creaking with movie memorabilia and painful memories. Then, during a freak thunderstorm, the puppets in the attic start talking. Tipped into a desperate real-world quest to save London from the more nefarious of his father’s creations, Jack teams up with excitable fanboy Toby and spiky studio executive Amelia to navigate the labyrinth of his father’s legacy while conjuring the hero within––and igniting a Shadow Glass resurgence that could, finally, do his father proud.

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GNoH Review: Burn Down, Rise Up

Written by Vincent Tirado

Mysterious disappearances. An urban legend rumored to be responsible. And one group of friends determined to save their city at any cost. Stranger Things meets Jordan Peele in this utterly original debut from an incredible new voice.

Vincent Tirado’s prose is smooth and unfussy, but evocative and it draws you in. BDRU is a gateway drug for horror, perfect for any budding horror fans.

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GNoH Review: Classic Monsters Unleashed (vol. 1)

Edited by James Aquilone
Written by various

Stories of famous monsters in a new horror anthology featuring Joe R. Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, Jonathan Maberry, Ramsey Campbell, and many others. Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Moreau, the Headless Horseman, the Invisible Man, the Phantom of the Opera, the Wicked Witch of the West–they’re all here, in this collection of horror short stories that reimagine, subvert, and pay homage to our favorite monsters and creatures. 

There is nothing too terrifying or too extreme here which feels fitting in many ways. Those classic films I was raised on, showing on BBC2 at 6pm in the UK when I was a kid, were never that scary. However, they were fun and still come with a reassuring element of nostalgia which is the same here. What we have is collection of stories that have the same source of influence but, with such a variety of writers, presents us with an eclectic mix of tributes to the Golden Age of Monsters.

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GNoH Review: Dark Stars

Created as an homage to the 1980 classic horror anthology, Dark Forces, this collection contains 12 original novelettes showcasing today’s top horror talent edited by John F.D. Taff. Within these pages you’ll find tales of dead men walking, an insidious secret summer fling, an island harbouring unspeakable power, and a dark hallway that beckons. You’ll encounter terrible monstersboth human and supernaturaland be forever changed. These stories run the gamut from traditional to modern, from dark fantasy to neo-noir, from explorations of beloved horror tropes to the unknownpossibly unknowablethreats. (Amazon)

…Dark Stars is a celebration of the diversity, variety and joy of horror, an escapist joy to die-hard fans, and the start of a slippery, yet attractive slope for newbies.

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GNoH Review: GHOST: 100 Stories to Read with the Lights on

Chosen by Louise Welsh

Haunted houses, mysterious counts, weeping widows and restless souls, here is the definitive anthology of all that goes bump in the night. Hand-picked by award-winning author Louise Welsh, this beautiful collection of 100 ghost stories will delight, unnerve, and entertain any fiction lover brave enough…

Ghost is a bumper, wonderful collection of spooky stories that would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s shelf/bedside table. Louise Welsh has pulled together an eclectic mix of varied and fantastic work. Reading Ghosts is like sitting around a campfire telling spooky stories, just from the comfort of your favourite armchair or your bed.

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Lily of Atlantis: a collection of stories and spells (2021)

Written by Philip F. Webb

Life in Atlantis might have seemed pretty normal to some but for ten-year-old Lily, her life is anything but… In Atlantis is a magic portal to ‘The Un-Real World’, a monster world where nasty creatures come from and witches and wizards can travel back and forth. One night, Lily is terrified by a horrible monster in her bedroom and she runs away. She comes across an ancient wizard who begins to teach her magic to help overcome her fears.

In a world of mean and hideous Boogey Men, Lily manages to befriend some kind monsters who encourage her to face the unknown, boost her confidence and become more independent. Using spells and magic stones, Lily of Atlantis encourages children to be proactive in dealing with problems and ultimately, builds confidence to help with schoolwork, social skills and creativity.

Available on Amazon
ISBN-10: 1784659835
ISBN-13: 987-1784659837

Okay, so this isn’t horror and it certainly isn’t ‘dark’ but it does include monsters and creatures, so it definitely deserves a place among Dark Mark’s reviews!

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Quick Review: Congratulations! You’ve Accidentally Summoned a World-Ending Monster. WHAT NOW? Duncan P. Bradshaw (2021)

Available at AMAZON

ISBN-10: 1999751256 ISBN-13: 978-1999751258

Are you frustrated with your mundane existence? Fed up spending day-after-day drinking hot, milky beverages, endlessly pressing ‘refresh’, and chowing down on copious amounts of biscuits and/or cake? Do you yearn for a world (or even a taste) of excitement and wonder? Then you’re in luck! 

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GNoH Review: The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe (2021) by Gavin Gardiner

Crighton Smythe could see how everyone was going to die – except himself. A social outcast who relied on his mother to keep him, Crighton had to use his ‘knack’ to his advantage when Mrs Smythe took ill and financial pressures began to mount. But as his visions started to increase in intensity, and his hatred of the city around him began pushing him to his limit, he found himself wondering how much more he could take.

Then he died.

In his own words, let Crighton Smythe tell you the story of how he perished. Where is he now?

Discover for yourself.

‘it’s the journey, not the destination,’ and Gardiner takes us on a short but crazy journey into a troubled mind, giving us a glorious glimpse into the disturbing world of Crighton Smythe.

Join us, if you dare!

But bring your own butter.

Available to buy on Amazon

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