Quick Review: Black Gate Tales

Written by Paul Draper

Available at AMAZON
ISBN: 1999663012

A disused London Underground lift goes way beyond the bottom floor
A psychic boy discovers what terrors are buried in the fallow field
A handshake seals a midnight fate in an old farming dispute
A corpse must be buried by dawn
BLACK GATE TALES: Fourteen short stories of dread, hope, death an wonder

Influenced by both his childhood, the folk lore and landscapes of the various places he has called home, Paul Draper has conjured up 14, bite-sized macabre tales of mystery and superstition. None of the stories here run for more than 10 pages and, because of that, they are not complex and multi-layed. However, they are infused with foreboding and fear, with terror and wonder and they explore a landscape full of the unknown. They may be short, but the stories presented here are a delight for anyone who loves reading stories that feel at home trapped in the grey no man’s land of perpetual twilight.

Whether exploring the grief of a couple lamenting the loss of a child, terrorising visitors exploring an abandoned tube line, following soldiers damned by war, or discovering new creatures out on the heath, Black Gate Tales has something for everyone and there is enough variety and imagination to keep you interested.

The stories are well crafted, drawing the reader in and, for me, are the perfect example of what short ghost/horror stories should be – straight to the point and with a sting in the tail. Black Gate Tales is a perfect volume for grabbing a quick read at lunchtime, on the bus to work or just before bed, when you know your shouldn’t, but you just can’t resist…

…just keep away from grain silos.

Paul Draper is an English writer, project manager and voiceover artist. Originally from East Anglia, he has been living in Bournemouth for the past 24 years. He has written screenplays for a number of short films across a wide range of genres, winning local film contests, including Best Picture, Audience Choice and Best Script awards at the Landcrab Film Festival.

A comedy show he wrote (TERRY’S) placed third in the BBC Choice Sketch Show category awards in the late 90’s, and several sketches were reshot by the BBC at Television Centre in London. He has also written and directed animation, comedy and horror shorts. He is currently working on a number of large-scale projects for Film, TV and Print media.

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