Extract: After Life

Lucia Carlson stared vacantly along the road that cut through the surrounding forest. Misty rain plastered her long, black hair to her face and rivulets of mascara drew jagged paths down her cheeks, passing the metal nose-piercing her father hated so much. Although the fleeting showers were light, she’d been standing there so long that her band T-shirt was sopping, stuck to her chest and her rain-soaked jeans clung to her legs like a second skin. Others might have been bothered by this, but not Lucia, she didn’t feel cold.

            In the distance, two yellow lights flashed on and off at the side of the tree-lined road. Lucia shuffled towards them, her legs wobbly, as if they had forgotten how to move. One foot after the other, Lucia thought, you never forget how to walk. It’s like falling off a bike. No, like riding a bike. She shook her head, struggling to recall anything. Her head thumped with every step she took towards her… destiny? Wait. Destiny? No. Destination. Lucia focussed on the lights and not the trees. She was alone in the dark and only god knows what might be lurking beyond the edge of the road.

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