Course Review: Submissions Secrets from Bang2Write

So you’re a writer? You’ve written something. But what are you going to do with it?

If you ever get over the ‘everythjng I write is crap’ stage in your writing, you are going to want to get your words out there and in front of the people who can help you get your work published or made, depending on whether we are talking about short-stories, a novel, screenplays or poetry.

If you are anything like me, you know you have to do this, but you haven’t got a clue where to start.

Well fear not, Submission Secrets from Bang2Write is the training course for you. It will take you from being completely new to querying and submitting work, to an expert in dealing with rejection!😁

Based on the Teachable platform, the training offers insight into:

  • Submissions DOs & DON’Ts
  • What should be in your submission?
  • How to get results with your submission
  • “No Unsolicicteed Materials” – Now what?
  • Submissions Checklist
  • How to deal with rejection

…so you get a decent amount of stuff for your money. If you can’t afford the price at the moment, keep your eyes open as Bang2Write do offer sales and offers from time to time.

Bang2Write and Lucy’s style is pretty informal and relaxed. Lucy takes you through the course using her vast knowledge and experience as well as offering anecdotes and real world examples of how things work when making your submission.

Each module comes with a video presentation of between 30 and 60 minutes (aproximately), a printable handout of the slides and various other tools and printouts depending on the module. For example, Module 2: What Should Be in Your Submission? comes with a plethora of additional material to help you with your submission, including guidance on writing a synopsis, developing a one page pitch, and creating a CV. The training offers a lot more than just the presentations from Lucy.

There is some repetition between modules but this reflects the alarming regularity in which us newbies make the same mistakes! It is about reinforcing the important aspects of submitting your work where the little things can be the most vital and this helps you focus on what is really important. Your writing talent isn’t always the most important thing here; the correct approach, demeanour and attitude are just as important and that is what Lucy is driving home.

While Submissions Secrets is probably not one for the more experienced among us, if you are at the start of your querying/submission journey, then there is a lot of useful info here. Having said that, even if you are experienced, there may well be some new snippets for you amongst all the advice and the free handouts included with each module can only help to streamline your approach.

Check out Bang2Write for more training courses as well as loads of free stuff to help you on your writing journey.

Run by Lucy V Hay, Bang2write is a writing and networking tips blog for screenwriters, novelists and freelance writers.

 Bang2write focuses on genre, submissions, characterisations, social media and the general mistakes writers make.

We aim to ensure writers have the tools to make informed decisions about their work and how they present it and themselves to the industry. 

Renowned for its sweary ‘smack talk’, Bang2write was picked as one of the best genre/niche writing websites in 2021 by Writer’s Digest, plus as 1 of the top 100 websites for writers by The Write Life for five years in a row. B2W has also been a finalist in the UK Blog Awards. B2W is also in Feedspot’s top 10 screenwriting blogs, number 1 in the UK!

Bang2write also exists on most social media platforms beyond the main site. Join us!

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