GNoH Review: Control (2022)

Written by James Mark &  Matthew Nayman
Directed by James Mark

Get ready for a mind-bending sci-fi thriller. With a fragmented memory and no clear way out, Eileen (Sara Mitich, Star Trek: Discovery) is forced to complete tasks by an unseen entity whilst trapped in a mysterious room, or else her daughter will be killed. Her only clue is Roger (George Tchortov, Kick-Ass), the man imprisoned alongside her, claiming to be her husband – thrust into a reluctant partnership, the two must work together to save Eileen’s daughter. However, nothing is truly as it seems, and very quickly, a much greater plot is unveiled – with Eileen at the centre.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with CONTROL and, if the synopsis interests you, then I think you will too. It’s always a personal thing, but the lack of detail around Eileen’s incarceration may annoy some, but it is not a deal breaker on what is, otherwise, a decent low-budget thriller.

Control comes to UK streaming platforms on 26th September 2022.

See the full review at Ginger Nuts HERE.

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