Quick Review: Tomb of the Ruby Heart, Fiona F. Ross (2021)

To unearth secrets, you have to dig deep.

Under the Mountain of Anubis lies a dark evil. Mortals disturb it at their peril. When the anxious son of an archaeologist confronts utter terror, will he end up trapped and buried alive?

Available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle

I love a bit of adventuring.

Who doesn’t?

If you combine a bit of Indiana Jones with Egyptology, a subject I loved as a kid, then you are on to a winner.

When Kazz Bannister’s archaeologist father fails to return from his latest trip, he embarks on a perilous search with his girlfriend, Jen, to unlock the mystery of his disappearance and the elusive Ruby Heart. On their journey of adventure and discovery, Kazz and Jen find themselves trapped in a hidden Egyptian tomb, complete with Gods, mysterious creatures, ghosts and double-agents. Unravelling the mystery of his father’s disappearance will put Kazz and Jen’s lives in danger. Will they survive? Or will the ancient Egyptian Gods punish the tresspassers?

You’ll have to buy it to find out!

Fiona F. Ross has crafted a short, but fun adventure that runs along at a nice pace. With the inclusion of the supernatural, I was hoping for maybe a little more excitement in places, with elaborate traps and tricks in the secret tomb’s labyrinthine depths, but it kept me interested and I was never bored. In fact, it left me wanting a bit more, but that is probably a good thing, and I will look forward to seeing what Kazz and Jen get up to next!

There was only one issue I had with the book, and I won’t spoil it, but it is one that will leave proponents of Chekhov’s gun a little frustrated.

Check it out today – it’s free on Kindle Unlimited and just a couple of quid on Kindle. It’s also under £8 in paperback – so there is a version for everyone!

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