It’s Alive!

Dark Mark Writing is born!

Happy Halloween and Welcome to my new website!

The old website was getting a bit dated and felt a bit untidy, so I thought it was time to refresh and renew and what better time of the year to do that than Halloween?

So here it is, Dark Mark Writing, a page dedicated to my writing and thoughts focussing on my love of the horror genre and all things spooky!

Please have a look around and enjoy! Feel free to subscribe to the page for updates and to get in touch if there is anything you want to talk about!

But, more importantly you ask, who won the giveaway?

Well, Monkey rather reluctantly gave up his bounty to Philip F. Webb who was picked at random from all the likes and shares last week and a parcel is in the post to Philip. You can check out his page and work HERE and do take a look at his latest book, Lily of Atlantis, a collection of stories and spells which can be picked up from Amazon for the ridiculously good value of just £4.99!

Thanks to everyone who took part and shared news of the new website, sorry you couldn’t all win, but keep an eye out as I am sure I will do some more giveaways in the future!

So enjoy the site, feel free to look around and, most importantly…

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